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Are people finding your business? In a marketplace where new customers will face competing brands, having the right logo design and brand style for your business is essential.

Logo design


Logo Design

Looking for a logotype design which will represent your business, work with an experienced Cornwall based graphic design company who will understand your goals, your brand marketplace and deliver a brand identity to provide meaningful results for your business.

Branding package

logotype + Brand Guide

Achieve a strong brand identity for your business with the help of a branding design guide. The brand guide details the appropriate use of typography style, colours and images to deliver a consistent visual branded look for your business.

Branding package
Graphic design

branded assets

design services

Establish your brand identity with design assets such as branded stationery, marketing and website to tell potential customers about your products and services. Promote a united style throughout all your business touchpoints.

Branding packages

Custom, bespoke branding design services; logo and branding packages tailored to establish your business brand.

Logo Design

  • Discovery meeting
  • Mood board creation
  • Custom logotype design
  • Print and web artwork
  • Print, digital and web colours
FROM £495

logotype + Brand Guide

  • Branding guide/style manual
  • Instructions for brand usage
  • Stationery design visuals
  • Typography styles
  • Discovery meeting
  • Mood board creation
  • Custom logotype design
  • Print and web artwork
  • Print, digital and web colours
From £1195

frequently asked questions

Questions you may have before starting a project

A logotype, also known as a logo, is a pictorial mark which identifies your business. The design of a logotype can be typographic or a combination of type and shape. Logos are an accepted way of displaying your business details and is a keystone of your business identity.

Branding is the style surrounding your logotype, so includes the way you communicate throughout all elements of your business.

The creation of a bespoke logo for your business starts from £495. Graphic design services for the creation of a logotype and brand guide; including custom logotype, guideline documentation detailing the use of colour, typography and style start from £1195.

A logo design process typically takes between 2 to 3 weeks. This graphic design process will depend on the time needed for feedback and any requested amends.

Logo and brand guideline projects take approximately 3 to 4 weeks to complete with design feedback defining the final project delivery.

The design process for a company logo design can include the creation of many initial ideas; you can expect to receive at least three initial designs. These designs are selected based on the quality and suitability for your business use.

Creating a logo and branding design which reflects your business style is essential and as such feedback is encouraging. To complete your branding designs, and help the design process, there are two rounds of amends included.

In the unlikely event that you do not like the design concepts presented, Sanders Design would arrange a meeting where we can discuss the initial brief, your project objectives and where the designs have failed. By having this further conversation, it will be possible to re-imagine the project and produce logo designs in keeping with your style preferences.

Logo design – the completed logo design company package will include artwork needed to reproduce the designs in print and digital. This pack contains RGB, CMYK, solid black and solid white versions of your logo design artwork. vector (.ESP) and bitmap (.PNG) files are included.

Brand guide – the addition of branding guide includes the delivery of your company branding manual. The branding guide provides instructions on how to use the correct brand colours, typefaces and style. This document will also consist of examples, stationery designs and additional brand assets as appropriate for your business.

You may have some initial ideas for your company logo design; this involvement is always encouraged and embraced if it fits with your business objectives and is technically fitting. The branding of your business belongs to you, after all, it is your identity, and as such if you have ideas, please let me know.

Yes. You may have an existing logo design which needs evolving; this is not unusual and part of continuously growing your business. Brand evolution projects are a great way of showing your business maturity, reassuring existing customers and re-positioning your business for the future.

A logo design project will deliver artwork suitable for use in print and digital, such as social media and websites. The package includes vector (.ESP) and bitmap (.PNG) as RGB, CMYK, solid back and solid white colour versions.

The standard working terms of all work requires a 50% deposit payment of the overall project costs. Once the deposit payment has been received, your project will begin.

From the Sanders Design Cornwall design studio, we work with clients from all over the world. Previous projects have included businesses from Spain, Mexico, Canada, USA and all over the UK. Logo design in Cornwall for clients from across the globe.

The completed logo design will belong to your company on payment of all project fees. The use of your logotype or branding design will not require any accreditation or references to Sanders Design. At the same time, this is highly appropriated when possible.

The availability to begin your project will be dependent on the current workload. Please contact us to discuss your requirements where we will be able to provide a suitable time-frame for your work.

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