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Are you increasing your followers? Creation of social media marketing graphics to grow your following and turn likes into sales.

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Creation of social media graphics to establish your brand, achieve your business goals and increase your conversions. Work with a Cornwall based freelance designer who will understand your aims and create designs to increase your social engagement.

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Keeping content relevant and at the front of mind requires frequent posting, with advanced software your social media marketing will be received at the optimal time so that your followers get campaigns when they are highly engaged.

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Questions for starting a social media design project

Social media is now such a significant part of any business omnichannel marketing mix. If you have no social media presence on platforms used by your customers, you are not part of the conversation. To ensure that people can find your products and services, you need to be easily found when your potential customers are searching for businesses in your sector.

Your customers and your brand audience will indicate which platforms are most profitable for your business. If you are catering, for example, fashion, you may find Instagram and Pinterest social media most profitable. While if you are offering trade services, you may find that Facebook is more lucrative.

Your social media publishing activities will be dependent on your audience and the platform you decide to use. For example; if you are using Facebook, you may find that posting only twice a week provides sufficient engagement. While, if you are publishing on Twitter or Instagram, daily posts may work better for your social media marketing engagement.

Social media works best if you are providing content that people genuinely find interesting. If you are only posting branded social media marketing campaigns, you may become the person who only talks about themselves. It is good to think of social media as an extension of your voice, if you were at a party would you speak to someone who’s only interest would be to sell their services. Mix your posts with content which is helpful, funny and relevant to your industry.

Sanders Design specialises in the design of creative assets for your social media campaigns. For social media marketing ‘strategy’ you will need to work with a social media marketing strategist who will assist you in developing a detailed marketing plan.

There are several platforms which allow you to publish content at a time when your audience will be highly engaged online. Popular platforms such as Hootsuite, Sprout Social, and Zoho Social all provide easy to use tools with tracking analytics. If you would like help in scheduling content, understanding your analytics or any other area of social media marketing, please let me know.

Sanders Design has created social media graphics for clients all over the world. Sanders Design has designed graphics for clients in Spain, Netherlands, Germany, Mexico, Canada, the USA and throughout all parts of the United Kingdom. Social media marketing design in Cornwall for a global audience.

The copyright of finished artwork created for your business will belong to your company on payment of all project fees. You are free to use the designs without accreditation with no thresholds on usage. Where stock imagery is used, please refer to the original author. While we do not ask for any acknowledgement, we do appropriate this when it does happen.

An estimate is presented at the start of your project detailing all costs involved. On accepting the proposal, there will be a 50% deposit which requires payment before beginning work. You will then receive monthly invoices for all work undertaken during this period. All fees are paid before delivery or use of the finial social media marketing design assets.

Please contact us to discuss your project requirements; we will be able to provide you with availability as part of my proposal to undertake your project. The lead time to start your project will be dependent on current commitments.

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