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Step 1. The design Brief

Planning for success

To achieve a winning project, we first need to quantify what success means for your business and how the project will assist you in realising these goals. Having an idea of your budget at this time is always beneficial as it allows for the planning of any ongoing support to match your needs. This step can take many forms, from a simple telephone call to a detailed briefing document.

Now that we have a shared mission, a project proposal will be offered to detail all work and costs involved.

Step 2. Project planning

Setting the right tone

Great, this is where we both have big smiles on our faces knowing that we are about to create incredible work together. To get started, we now need to gather all the information necessary for the project. Typically including; listing user/customer groups, reviewing existing content, detailing required pages, collecting media assets and production of any new content.

This stage is where tools such as wireframes and sitemaps become useful in visualising the project structure.

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See Your Project Take Shape

With a clear mission, structure and content plan – the initial visuals are produced to establish a style to compliment your brand. This process means all designs are consistent with your aims and will positively generate tangible results for your business.

Throughout the design stage, an online annotation tool is used to gather all feedback. This way, you have detailed control over the look of the completed project.

Step 4. Technical

Getting All Nerdy

Once design visuals have been approved, the technical work begins. This process can involve installation, configuration and coding of your WordPress website. Or the creation of production artwork files for a print commission.

Throughout this stage, you will be kept up-to-date on progress and have access to provide feedback from a personalised staging domain.

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Step 5. quality assurance

Making Sure That It’s Perfect

Once the design and technical stages have been completed, your project is now ready for quality testing. This stage can mean checking your new website for browser and platform support, ensuring that populated pages meet SEO on-page standards and checking website load times. For print commissions, this would mean checking print proofs to ensure consistency with signed-off designs.

This complete process produces creative solutions, with designs based on goals and finished work checked to ensure professional results. Each step of this process delivers work to achieve your business success.

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