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Graphic designer

Martin Sanders

I enjoy helping business owners create engaging brands and produce marketing materials which wow customers. Having over 16 years of experience as a freelance graphic designer, I have a proven creative process which turns business concepts into marketing assets. Increase your brand presence and boost your marketing impact.

Freelance graphic designer Martin Sanders
Freelance graphic designer Martin Sanders
Freelance Branding Designer

brand identity

freelance branding Designer

Establishing the right look for your brand is vital in making your business memorable. It’s the first thing many potential customers will see when researching your services. A freelance branding designer who will help define your values and promote your message.

Design for Print

Freelance Print Designer

Presenting a consistent brand style for your business requires attention to detail. As a freelance print designer, Sanders provides business owners with creative and technical services to deliver impactful print results.

Freelance Print Designer
Freelance Web Designer

Web Design Services

Freelance Web Designer

As more potential customers turn to the internet to find your services, work with a freelance web designer who will turn your brand into an engaging online presence; freelance services which convert visitors into customers.

Making an impact

Freelance Digital Marketing

Gaining traction for your business, and making an impact with your brand requires marketing. Sanders Design offers creative design and digital marketing support. Services include; creation of social media graphics, email newsletters and Search Engine Optimisation.

Freelance Digital Marketing

frequently asked questions

Questions when choosing a freelance graphic designer

By working with many business owners across a wide array of varying industries, Sanders Design has developed a successful design process which ensures that work will meet and hopefully exceed your expectations.

To help illustrate the design process there is a dedicated design process page. If you would prefer to see an overview of the creative process I have outlined details below:

  • Project brief to understand the requirements and expected outcomes.
  • Sanders Design presents a proposal detailing costs and timeframes.
  • On agreement of the proposal, we begin by first researching your sector and market.
  • Before getting into the visual layout we plan out the content structure and if undertaking a website project the information architecture.
  • Once we have a clear vision of the content framework, design visuals are created.
  • This is where you will have an opportunity to provide feedback and request changes.
  • On your approval, artwork will be readied for print or website code scripted for websites
  • You will have junctures throughout to provide feedback and make recommendations.
  • Before delivering the finial project, files will be proofed, web pages and code tested.
  • Delivery of completed artwork, website files and databases.
  • Depending on the nature of the project, such as a new website. Sanders Design will provide aftercare via a care plan and website hosting.

The length of time needed to undertake your project will depend on the nature and scale of work. To provide you with an accurate estimate as to the time needed all project proposals include both costings and an associated timeline.

Branding projects can take from as little as one week, while website projects take from at least two weeks to complete. Availability throughout the year also varies so it is always best to contact Sanders Design at the earliest opportunity.

To make costs transparent and easy to manage, Sanders Design offers work at a set fee. However, where it is not possible to clearly define the scope and scale of work, freelance graphic designer services are offered at an hourly rate of £70 (per hour).

Sanders Design would be delighted to work with you and help deliver a positive impact within your business. To achieve desired outcomes within your company it’s important that you are able to commit to the project we will undertake together.

To get started on this new exciting plan, you will need time to provide input during the following stages; project briefing (where we will define the project), content planning (supply or commission of content), design feedback and approval.

The most successful projects are typically those where the client has had sufficient resources to provide timely input and feedback. This ensures that the results are delivered to your business objectives and implemented to exceed your requirements.

As a freelance graphic designer service, Sanders Design appreciates the delivery of work consistent with your brand vision and style. To help this process Sanders Design offers a feedback annotation tool which makes implementing change requests easy and initiative.

By using the private and secure online annotation tool you will see the project progress, pin-point desired revisions, track changes and approve design concepts. Communication throughout the project is also provided via email, telephone and (virtual) meetings.

Should you have an alternative way of communicating changes, Sanders Design is keen to ensure that you are able to deliver feedback in a way that feels comfortable for your working process.

Sanders Design undertakes web design and development using a number of platforms, including MODX and WordPress. As a professional WordPress web designer, Sanders Design offers bespoke web design, custom WordPress development, WordPress Care Plans and website hosting services.

Sanders Design has a successful freelance graphic designer process to ensure that all created artwork fulfils your project specifications. However, in the unlikely event that you do not like the design concepts offered by Sanders Design, we will discuss where the project design process has failed and ensure that the project brief is understood. After realigning the project expectations and objectives a new round of design concepts will be offered.

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