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Heka Nutrition

A new start up business in Cornwall with an exciting new product – Heka Nutrition was started by a herbalist owner who has developed a product which extracts the positive ingredients of lions-main mushroom to promote brain health into an easy to consume capsule. With an excellent understanding of the ingredients, but no previous experience in bringing a new startup product to market, Heka Nutrition contacted Sanders Design for start-up marketing help. 

Heka Nutrition had established a brand style with a registered trademark and packaging design but was missing a vital component. The new business owner had worked with a friend of the company to deliver the above elements. Still, this new startup business needed help in bringing these assets together in a marketable package.

Supporting the company owner, I identify possible opportunities to market the new start-up. We agreed on the creation of a printed leaflet for use when contacting health-related publications and influencers as part of a welcome package. A new start-up business marketing website was also commissioned to deliver a branded platform to publish research and support marketing activities.

We started the project by working with a copywriter and the new business owner to map out the content requirements and gather all the necessary content elements. Once we had assembled all the required components, we decided on the layout and paper stock for the leaflet. 

Design visuals were then presented using the Sanders Design client annotation tool to gather feedback. Having all comments within this tool allowed the new company owner to make detailed change requests which ensured that completed artwork matched his vision.

We then started on the new business website design. The startup owner had seen a website that he liked in an unrelated sector, so working with the business owner, I discovered what he liked about the website example and how this could inspire Heka Nutrition’s website.

The owner of Heka Nutrition received a website which was to his chosen layout while being consistent with the business brand identity and relevant to the selected marketplace.

The new business marketing project delivered branded print and a marketing website which allows Heka Nutrition to contact retail establishments in Cornwall and further afield throughout the UK.

Start up business website
New business website
New mobile business website
Start-up business brochure