Simply Cornish

Simply Cornish owned by Warrens Bakery is luxury craft food brand promoting the very best of Cornish produce.

Working with the Simply Cornish team, I developed a bespoke e-commerce website to sell custom made Cornish hampers with accompanying in-store retail branding.

The website project included the development of a bespoke Zoho cloud-based dispatch management system, full website Content Management System via MODX CMS, and advanced delivery scheduling scheme featuring Foxycart e-commerce gateway.

simply cornish portfolio1.c57a6f4d63c86af62dbb193ec44c71d1 - Sanders Design
simply cornish portfolio2.c57a6f4d63c86af62dbb193ec44c71d1 - Sanders Design
simply cornish index2.c57a6f4d63c86af62dbb193ec44c71d1 - Sanders Design