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My Top 7 SEO Tips To Jumpstart Your Website in 2020

SEO – Why Bother? SEO website design can be a daunting task. Search engine optimisation is a critical component in guaranteeing the success of any website. After all, what’s the point in having a beautiful, delicately crafted website with a great user experience if no one can actually find it? The term “SEO” has grown […]

Does your email address deliver a clear message?

Successful brands foster confidence; whether the company behind the professional identity happens to be operated by multiple home-based workers or based in a flashy city office, a strong brand strategy speaks volumes. Your domain name and email address strategy should play a part in establishing your brand. Great brands are consistent throughout all communications, from […]

Maximise your work day with Pareto

Do you ever finish a hectic day and wonder what you’ve achieved, whether you have been busy sorting out a process issue in your company or resolving a nagging problem. When leading a company, you will face many challenges. It’s what we all love about the role of running a business! I recently discovered the […]

Why a slow website could be killing your business

The old proverb that British people love to join a queue has never been more wrong than when we discuss the internet… For every additional second your website takes to load you lose on average 11% of search engine traffic. You will also see a 7% reduction in web conversions. Read how to ensure that your website loads quickly.

What is a WordPress website builder?

You may think this could be someone who develops websites using WordPress, good guess. However, in the WordPress world, a website builder is a commonly used term for a software suite which allows you (the website admin) to take full control over how your website looks. This sounds great, right! No need for a professional […]

How to choose a good domain

Choosing a suitable domain name for your new website can help set-up your project for success, so before committing to a new name make sure that you have a title which will be easy to remember and presents a professional image for your brand. To assist this complex process, I’ve put together a few tips which have helped many projects.